Hello all value clients. My name is Chiep Chy. Chy is my own name and Chiep is my surname. I am a team leader of Palm Angkor Tour. I am from a rural area where is about 60 km from Siem Reap town. I moved to Siem Reap town in 2010 for my study at university and for the job opportunity. While I was studying at university, I was working in a restaurant (The Pizza Company) as a delivery and also I used to be an English teacher in an NGO for two years. I am a person who always wants to improve myself, I kept working very hard at university though I was in the struggling situation. Finally, I graduated bachelor degree at Build Bright University in Teaching English as a Foreign Language in 2013. I decided to stop working as an English teacher because I got a great new job as an English speaking tour guide with an official license from the ministry of tourism, my dream job. So far, I have been working as an English Speaking Tour Guide for five years. I always keep learning to gain my guiding skills and I am a knowledgeable and flexible person. I know a lot of history, culture, and tourist attraction sites especially the wonderful civilization of my country that mainly based in Siem Reap Angkor, Cambodia. Furthermore, I know many good spots to take pictures and I can take beautiful pictures for you as well when you are on the trip with me. I know how to communicate and work with people in over the world owing to my experiences and skills and I can give you the great hospitality effectively. I am a person who is passionately committed, respectful and open-minded to learn from people around.